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Brand Design & Strategy

Trust reduces the barrier for frequent transaction. People trust brands.
Do you want to build one?

Social Media

Both organic and paid social channels boosts brand awareness and revenue by finding the suitable audience for your businesses & brand.

Audience Analytics

Knowing about your audience, increases the chances of more revenue and helps in building better brand for your audience  



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives higher return on investment for any business in long run



If you write a copy that resonates you audience’s pain point, you are likely to win the battle.

Team Training

Having a team that is well equipped with new tech trends can win numerous battles against competitors.

Web Development

Website drives highest number of conversions for any business.
Ex: OLA sold 2200 Cr worth of scooters just through their website

Email Marketing

Having e-mail list is goldmine for any business. E-Mail list skyrockets any business’s growth

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Success Stories

Nailing E-commerce sales through digital channel is not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s required lot of testing and optimization in rapid speed. ExpectROI Digital solutions increase our e-commerce sales by 5X, optimized campaigns and reduced CPA by 2X. Overall revenue grew by 6X in a span of 6-8 months.

Puneeth Gangatkar

CEO, Motovelox Private Limited, Bangalore, Bangalore

I was searching for a team to execute complicated omni-channel digital marketing campaigns. Their insights and data analysis skills made our decision making easier. We have Quadrupled our digital sales.

Manjunath Gangavati

Peninsula Swim & Wear, Italy

Getting quality leads on consistent basis is difficult especially when you high competitions. But, ExpectROI digital solutions understanding of the audiences and digital psychology made us to stand out from crowd helped us to boost our revenue by 300%. Reduced CAC by 50%. 


Founder, Jey Captures, Bangalore

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